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The bulk delivery services offered by Ray-Carroll Fuels LLC ensure that your operation stays up and running when you need top quality refined fuels on demand.
We offer Ruby FieldMaster premium off-road diesel, as well as RoadMaster XL premium highway diesel. Both of these are premium diesel products are provided by Cenex, an industry leader in refined fuels. We recommend and distribute premium Cenex diesel because of its ability to clean the fuel system of the equipment you’re using. A clean fuel system enhances fuel economy, produces reliable horsepower and increases the longevity of your fuel pumps and injectors. Ruby FieldMaster by Cenex is also backed by the Cenex Total Protection Plan; if you use Ruby FieldMaster along with Cenex lubricants and you experience issues with your new or used agriculture equipment, your parts covered by this warranty will be replaced free of charge. That’s a warranty you’ll struggle to find with other diesel brands. To learn more about the Cenex Total Protection Plan, visit
Ray-Carroll Fuels also offers gasoline, #2 dyed diesel and #2 clear diesel deliveries for customers who choose not to use premium Cenex diesel products. There are fill programs available so that you can take advantage of seasonal value changes in the market. Our risk management programs are designed to fit the unique needs of your operation. Volatility in the market doesn’t just apply to Ray-Carroll, it also applies to you! This is why we’re proud to offer fuel contracts to meet your planting and harvest needs at the best price available.

At Ray-Carroll, our services go farther than just product delivery. Our knowledgeable sales staff routinely researches new products so we can consistently offer you the best product at the most cost effective prices. Our delivery drivers receive extensive training, so you can rest assured knowing that proper delivery standards are always upheld. Your fuels will be delivered to your operation in a safe and timely manner. We strive to be flexible so your operation never skips a beat. Ray-Carroll carries all the equipment for your petroleum needs, from fuel storage tanks to fuel pumps, hoses, nozzles and gauges. We are your go-to for refined fuel.

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