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 Starting 9/25/15 Carrollton will be cash or contract only on corn. All other locations are still offering storage as of right now.


Posted New Crop 2015 Milo bid under NE off farm location. Milo bid is buyers call Jan/Feb/Mar at any Ray-Carroll Location that we specify.


Cash Bids
Market Commentary
Market Commentary
The market had a negative tone to it all day. Beans closed the session lower by 3 cents after trying the positive side of trade several times during the session. Corn traded unchanged today with little to talk about other than harvest progress and yields. Beans continue to come in with yields much better than anticipated. Bean meal made new swing lows which may or may not lead beans lower into next week’s report. Informa was out with their crop estimates today and so the take away there is that private forecasters are expecting the USDA to either increase bean production/yield or at the very least leave them unchanged which also means the report might struggle to be bullish. Corn continues to make its way to the trucks either on its way to the bin or the elevator regardless corn harvest seems to have made record time in terms of finishing; there are a lot of guys who will finish their crop over the weekend.
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What are Growers saying about Harvest

What are Growers saying about Harvest

The latest poll asks, ”What is the moisture content of the corn you’re harvesting?” Of those who responded, 19% said it’s 27% or higher, 14% said 24-26%, 33% said 21-23%, 19% said 18-20%, 14% said 15-17%, and 0% said under 15%. When asked what perce
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