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Cash Bids
Market Commentary
Market Commentary
Beans looked like they might be set up for another rough session and while they still closed the session lower; a penny is better that 10. I think we would have gone lower had we not seen the Chinese looking to put some purchases on. The take home message here is that the strike is being amended, and if the Chinese decide they’re done buying for a while beans are headed lower in a hurry. Farmers as a whole will plant more beans than corn this year which will also put pressure on the beans.
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Ray Carroll News
Cull Deep Enough to Find Those Freeloaders

Cull Deep Enough to Find Those Freeloaders

Today, with an aggressive bidding for weigh-up cows and market bulls, why take the risk of pushing a cow an extra year? As condition and body weight decline, so does value, but managerial inputs and labor increase.
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