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 FGT Customer Appeciation Lunch

Our Chilli Lunch at Farmers Grain Terminal in Slater, Missouri will be held on December 10th.



   Monday, December 14                         Thursday, December 17

Brunswick                                                                    Hardin 

Knights of Columbus                                                                     BRMC Building

   Tuesday, December 15                              Friday, December 18

Mayview & Corder                                                                 Norborne

             Higginsville Legion Bldg                                                    Goppert Community Center

        1001 W. 22nd St.                                                                                              

                  Wednesday, December 16                                                                                                                   

      Carrollton Agricenter                                                                                                    


                                            Meeting Agenda:

                                                 11 AM Open House

                                                 11:30 AM Lunch

                                                 Following Lunch:     

                                                 Business meeting includes general manager's annual report and a question

                                                and answer session.


  • To present the annual financial report
  • To elect directors to the board.
  • To distribute equity checks and patronage refunds.
  • To vote on Bylaw changes.
  • To consider other business that may arise.

Starting 10/5/15 Carrollton will be Cash, Contract, or DP only. DP is 4 cents per month and contracts must be signed the day they are set up. All other locations have storage, and are also offering DP.


Posted New Crop 2015 Milo bid under NE off farm location. Milo bid is buyers call Jan/Feb/Mar at any Ray-Carroll Location that we specify.


Cash Bids
Market Commentary
Market Commentary
The markets had a good day of trading ahead of the holiday tomorrow. Beans closed the session up 12 cents. The Chinese were looking for beans today and reportedly bought 2 cargos of beans for December ship. Things in in Argentina have calmed significantly after the elections. Brazil is seeing good rains which were needed so there’s that. Corn closed the session up a penny in the December. Farmers seem to be more willing to sell corn lately; don’t get me wrong it’s not an overload by any means but some here and there.
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Ray Carroll News
What are Growers saying about Harvest

What are Growers saying about Harvest

The latest poll asks, ”What is the moisture content of the corn you’re harvesting?” Of those who responded, 19% said it’s 27% or higher, 14% said 24-26%, 33% said 21-23%, 19% said 18-20%, 14% said 15-17%, and 0% said under 15%. When asked what perce
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