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Posted New Crop 2015 Milo bid under NE off farm location. Milo bid is buyers call Jan/Feb/Mar at any Ray-Carroll Location that we specify.


Cash Bids
Market Commentary
Market Commentary
Beans couldn’t hold it together today and ended up closing the session lower by about 13 cents. The crop condition report had 1% of beans moved from the “fair” grouping to the “good to excellent” which seems a bit off but then again they never lie. The beans in this area are in need of a rain pretty badly as August didn’t have much to offer in the way of precipitation. I was afraid we would see the weather go from one extreme to the next and I don’t get to say it very often but… I told ya so. All joking aside the beans really would benefit from a rain however there have been numerous people mention they’ll be ok without a rain so we’ll see how things come along. The Chinese economy continues to crumble and so that was part to do with today’s down tick.
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Ray Carroll News
Farmers Rally, Tell EPA To Back RFS

Farmers Rally, Tell EPA To Back RFS

Hundreds of farmers rallied in Kansas City, Missouri, Thursday to show their support for a more vigorous ethanol blending mandate in conjunction with a hearing that the EPA held in that city on its proposed blending obligations under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).
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