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 Ray-Carroll Annual Meeting Schedule 

Monday, December 15:  Brunswick at the Knights of Columbus Hall

Tuesday, December 16:  Mayview & Corder at the Higginsville Legion Bldg, 1001 W. 22nd St

Wednesday, December 17:  Carrollton Agricenter

Thursday, December 18:  Hardin at the BRMC Building

Friday, December 19:  Norborne at the Goppert Community Center

Meeting Agenda:                                                                           

  • 11 AM Open House
  • 11:30 AM Lunch
  • Following Lunch will be a business meeting
  • General Manager's yearly report
  • Question and answer session


  • To present the annual financial report.
  • To elect directors to the board.
  • To distribute equity checks and patronage refunds
  • To consider other business that may arise.



Cash Bids
Market Commentary
Market Commentary
Alright, well it was a rough day for the markets! Beans closed the session 5 cents lower with funds seen selling 4,000 lots. The Chinese went after some more South American beans today booking a couple cargos. Informa says bean acres will be up 300,000.
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Ray Carroll News
Cull Deep Enough to Find Those Freeloaders

Cull Deep Enough to Find Those Freeloaders

Today, with an aggressive bidding for weigh-up cows and market bulls, why take the risk of pushing a cow an extra year? As condition and body weight decline, so does value, but managerial inputs and labor increase.
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